About the FireRRod.com Staff

Many have wondered who we are here at FireRRod.com, here is a brief history.
For privacy reasons the creators will remain nameless. FireRRod.com was created by 3 friends / co-workers. We all are lifelong U of M fans. 2 of the 3 were born and raised in the great state of Michigan. All 3 creators joined the military and served our country honorably all around the world to include warzones. We all have since separated from the military and come to work a for the same corporation. In a workplace thousands of miles away from Michigan and of less then 10 people from all around the country 3 happened to be Michigan fans. What are the odds? After a couple of games and a couple of losses we started discussing our new coach and the administrative decisions that hired him. We thought it would be funny to start a fire the coach web site. Little did we know that it would get this big. So many people feel very strongly about the site. From obscurity with a 5 person audience to national news the site has grown exponentially.

The Alumni question.
We have received many comments like “I bet the creators aren’t even alumni”. Well to that we say, do you have to be an alumni to be a real fan? Certainly there can be room in the stands for those of us who could not afford the tuition or who chose a path of service for our nation. So, to all you stuck up alums, get over yourself. Fans of all kinds keep this and all other programs going! The big house would look very empty if they only let alumni in.

From the FireRRod.com Staff

For those of you speculating this site is run by a non-Michigan fan or company for profit alone.
You all seem to want to know if this site is a farce put on by another teams fan or a capitalist trying to cash in on U of M’s misfortune. Well I can assure you this site is run by a private group of Michigan fans and not a company. This site is only opinions, good, bad, and otherwise.

In the forum you’ll see that opinions on both sides is in fact shared by many, and hated by many others, ether way please join in.

For all of you posting that we are idiots and/or fair weather fans and saying we shouldn’t be fans much less create a web site.
This site is our opinion, yet by writing how stupid we are you are expressing your opinion. See also: definition – Hypocrite.
We agree, it indeed would hurt the program to fire him in the middle of the season. That fact does not mean we should not express an opinion in a forum that could draw this much attention. It has become a place for fans to talk about the team which is great no matter what side of the debate you are on.

Please visit our forum.
Voice your opinions. Pointless rants and comments will be deleted, it is a discussion forum! Bring something to the table. Hundreds of people on both sides of the debate have emailed us saying the forum is great but full of nonsense. Please keep the comment clean, children do read this stuff.

What is all the fuss about?
Please do not take college football so seriously, it is a great game but unless you’re a player, a coach, or administration it is still just a game; a game to be enjoyed. I am surprised by the amount of hate mail. Do you really think this site can effect the Michigan administration? Do you think the players read this and don’t play as hard? To this I say give the administration and players more credit, they know we are full of crap too!

Lloyd Carr
We are getting a lot of posts in the forum and emails about Lloyd Carr. Most saying Lloyd Carr would be worse then R-Rod. We agree that changes were needed to jump start the team back to National championship status. But to say that Lloyd would be worse or the same is just not true! We may have been stuck in mediocrity but with Lloyd we would have never looked this horrible or would have had this much bad press.