Coach Rodriguez Quotes: And our responses

“If it was a lack of effort, I’d be really mad,” Rodriguez said. “But I assure you, I will NEVER stand in front of you after a loss and not be mad. I’m very disappointed in how we played. It starts with the coaching… “
–Oct 7, 2008 Joliet Herald News
I couldn’t agree more.

“I think it’s fair for everybody to question what’s going on,” Rodriguez said Monday. “They’re going to question everything I do. I think they’ve questioned everything I’ve done since I’ve been here, the last eight, nine months. There’s…
–Oct 13, 2008 Austin American-Statesman
See all you haters, even R-Rod agrees with the site.

· “It never goes down on one play,” Rodriguez said. “There are a lot of plays we’d like to have back.”
–Oct 11, 2008 The Canadian Press
Probably so would the Michigan Athletic administration.

· “If there was a hole to crawl into, a bunch of us, including myself, would want to crawl in that hole,” Rodriguez said.
–Sep 27, 2008 ESPN
They call that hole division II football, please crawl in soon.

· “We’re not good enough to play poorly and win,” Rodriguez said. “We’re not right now. Maybe in the future we will be.”
      –Sep 14, 2008
Aspiring to play poorly in the future. I think he’s ahead of the game on this one.

· “Obviously, we’ve got to get a little better in all three phases, but the sky is not falling,” he said. “I can tell you this, there’s a lot of positive things going on that maybe people outside our building don’t see as far as the work ethic…
      –Sep 16, 2008 Detroit Free Press
That’s not the sky falling it’s your future job opportunities and salary. How does Southwest Kentucky Christian Junior college pay?

As for the players work ethic, I am proud of how they are handling this change, it can’t be easy right now.

· “If our guys let down, then they shouldn’t be playing football,” “For Michigan or for anybody.”
      –Oct 7, 2008 Toledo Blade
I heard somewhere it starts with the coaching.