Now we get to look forward to a no-name corporate sponsored bowl game! I hope it is finally time to rebuild Michigan’s program and its reputation with a new coach. Obviously that will be the end of this web site (unless I change the team colors for the RRod’s next job, coaching the South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs). Check out this site for reviews of the best betting sites.

Hopefully that isn’t good enough to warrant another season.

Penn State
Where is our defense? We seem to be able to score enough to win some tough games but we cannot afford to keep our offense on the field the whole game.

Second chance to prove ourselves and we only proved that we still do not have a competitive program. You can tell from the forum that Michigan fans are tired of watching this man disgrace our program. They are only left to the hope that this will be RRod’s last season and the Michigan athletic department will make a good decision on his replacement.

Our first loss
Uconn, Umass, Bowling Green, and Indiana sounds like a tough schedule if we were playing basketball but fortunately for RRod they have football teams too. Unfortunately for RRod the basketball portion of our schedule is over and we met our first formidable match-up of the 2010 season.

#17 ranked Michigan State found the chink in our armor, as many would have guessed their solution was to stop Denard Robinson. Prior to the MSU game Robinson was averaging 181 rushing yard per game even if you include the Bowling Green game where he only had 5 carries. MSU was able to hold Robinson to less than half of the season average essentially halting UofM’s offense.  UofM was forced to rely on Robinsons passing abilities were he threw for 1 touchdown and 3 interceptions, tripling his season interceptions total.

Don’t get me wrong I think Robinson is one of the most exciting players to watch in NCAA football but we need a more well-rounded offense and a defense that can get us on the right side of the turnover and time of possession ratios. The players RRod is recruiting will occasionally get us on SportCenter but they will not win us championships.

The problem with a circus act of an offense is the circus always leaves town before the end of the season and leaves the town with a big mess to clean up.

2016 Prediction
The 2016 Prediction is 6-6 we’re so confident that we claimed a free bet and staked some money on it using

I think 6-6 is fair given the relative ease of the schedule, I am however  afraid it will give an impression of improvement. In all honestly I am torn, I want our boys to be successful and have a great year. Anyone who would play for Michigan in times like these definitely deserves some success for their loyalty but I do not want RRod to receive any credit for the turnaround.  Good luck Michigan!

The 2010 schedule!
Who is scheduling our games?  It’s almost like RichRod has been set up to break .500 this year. Our out of conference schedule is a joke. Connecticut, Massachusetts, I didn’t even know they had a football team.

For those of you on twitter you can now follow Rich Rod on Make sure you let him know what a great job he is doing:

Bill Martin, Rich Rod and UofM’s future
Unfortunately Rich Rod will likely get at least one more year in Michigan. With the long overdue retirement of Bill Martin in September Martin will make RRod the next AD’s problem. Firing RRod after only two seasons Martin would basically be admitting he made a mistake hiring RRod. We can only hope that the next AD will set the program straight and hire someone who knows Big Ten football. Personally I’d like to see someone like Les Miles or Jim Harbaugh.

To stop the emails, I am not saying I want those particular coaches.  I just want a coach that knows Big Ten football and knows how to lead.

Bad Press
I am disgusted with all the bad press RRod has brought to Michigan. Michigan has had to levy self-imposed sanctions and a 2 year probation. WTF? Terrible record, no bowl games, bad press, 0-2 against OSU, players revolting… What does this man have to do to be fired?

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Web Search results
Can you believe we are the #2 search result on Google, dogpile and Yahoo? Second only to RRod’s profile on Wikipedia has gained favor with the fans. What does that tell you?  Many people out there are looking for a answers and opinions on the subject. Unfortunately for them they are directed here.

PLEASE help us improve our site, participate in the forum. Many fans have emailed us about how they love all the posts and crazy fans out there.

The Big Game
The loss to OSU does have an upside.  A win against our rivals and a no-name bowl game would have almost certainly prolonged the Reign of RRod. Let the recovery begin. One more year of RRod and we’ll see what our new AD will decide.

Our 2009 Season Prediction!
Last year the prediction was for a 5-7 season.   We made that prediction a month before the season began, Nostradamus has nothing on us!

Our players’ futures are on the line.
Another thing to consider is our players. RichRod’s offense is making them look worse than they really are. It is possibly impairing some of their chances to go to the pro’s, or at the least lowering their value.

How appealing is it as a player to go to a school that will not be good for years. How much will a player want to go to a school with 5-7 and 3-9 records in the last 2 seasons? The only thing we have left to recruit with is our name.  I know we will still have a decent freshman class for that reason alone, but I can’t see us luring in those players with no allegiance to Michigan.

Great Video!
Funny as hell! The best Hitler spoof ever. You have to see it.